Registration No. CSR-268/2006, NO.EIP/BK/SR-658/FC-213/02. 

BHP is a Non-Profit, Registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 (Pakistan). The aims of BHP is to organize and to generate resources for the help of illiterate men and women, disabled persons, orphans, widows,etc.

Pakistani Women are facing many problems nowadays due to increase in population.
BHP NGO decided to take interventions on targeted gender(especially poor and needy women), to address and train them on their selected problems of different communities/ villages.This intervention will help to find the root problems and lead to a best possible solution in shape of financial and educational assistance.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of poor community and bring positive change and deliver value to members.


  • To arrange free medical Camps.
  • To help the Disabled persons
  • To provide financial help to poor and helpless girls
  • To provide free legal aid/advisory service to the needy women
  • To arrange the employment of poor and needy women and girls.
  • To provide the facilities for maternity protection, child care
  • Focusing on widening opportunities for employment and training etc.
  • To provide the help and assistance for the relief of persons affected by natural calamities or by poverty, sickness etc.
  • To arrange free Technical/Computer trainings for needy and poor women.

International Women’s Day

Article aken from: March 9, 2018 BY News Desk

Internation Women’s Day was observed across the country on Thursday (8 March) with women from various walks of life participating in events held by both government departments as well as the civil society. Following are the few highlights and captions collected from various areas of Pakistan:

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum held celebration rally on International Women Day at Hyderabad Press Club.

Government Model High School teachers and students in Khanewal held placards during a rally on the International Women’s Day.

Our patners




We always expect and look forward to, request an appeal for any help, that may be financial /Health or education for the poor and needy people especially women.Even you can sponsor the poor/needy child for his career that makes his endeavor a success. This is our core responsibility to find the right and needy person to provide them the financial/Health or education assistance through your donations. Zakat, Khums, Donation, Fitrana, can be: Donation through online banking: You can deposit cash in our bank account using the following Account details :

 Account Title: Bab-Ul-Hawaij Pakistan

Account No:0213007900222692

Faysal Bank Limited F8 Branch Islamabad


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